Why I Chose to be an Indie Author

The reasons are not difficult to define.

Firstly, as most writers will have discovered, traditional publishing is a difficult, almost impossible area to penetrate unless you are really lucky. It is largely controlled by a network of literary agents who supply publishers with their recommendations. They act as 'gatekeepers' and are the subjective judges of what writing they consider good or bad.

It is a tight and charmed circle that few are allowed to enter. As having worked in publishing I am able to to understand that several rejected authors went on to make a success of their work by stepping outside of traditional contracts. They, in many cases, far outsell books that can languish on a booksellers shelf for ages.

Add to this difficulty, the rush for the dreaded 'celebrity' outpouring, which in the main have no literary or narrative worth,often 'ghost written' and boring. These have a following by people with an OCD(Obsessive Celebrity Disorder).

So like many others, I turned to the indie route....and am so glad I have....perfect freedom (Almost!) There are so many examples of indie writers far outselling their traditional counterparts. Of course,there are many bad writers out there too, lets not be deluded about this.

Independent reviews abound via Amazon, Goodreads and the numerous writers and author groups that now exist. There's almost a camaraderie that exists between many of us.  Personally, I have never learnt so much, and still have a long way to go yet....Those who master the numerous internet publishing skills and techniques have a head start. Also there are vast areas open to promote your book world wide to countless thousands and these may include all the special offers and price deductions to generate attention and put you on people's radar maps.

Don't let the agents get you down... they are beginning to feel the technological squeeze at long last.

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