Preorder for THE BLOOD RED ROBE Launched
January 11, 2023

Published La Sucesion Lazaro
Contract with Babelcube has ended.
September 20, 2023

Published The Magdalene Mission
April 4, 2023

DRUNKS wins the Literary Titan Gold Award
June 4, 2022

Published DRUNKS: An Alcoholic Romance
October 30, 2021

The finale of the Lady Crusader Trilogy
April 3, 2021

#1 Bestseller in Gnosticism and Christian Fantasy

July 15, 2020
#1 New Release in Religious Antiquities & Archaeology


Released THE LONG CASE CLOCK as a perma free book on Amazon
April 16, 2020

Published Love and Blood: The Chronicles of Aveline Book 2
(The Lady Crusader Series)

November 17, 2019

Republished Dying Days, 2nd Edition
July 9, 2019
First Edition originally published by Matador

Release of The Lazarus Mysteries: Omnibus Collection
April 16, 2019

The Release of Shakyamuni's Pearl
January 5, 2019
A Suspense Thriller

The Release of The Chronicles of Aveline: Awakening Audiobook
Narrated by Stephen Holloway
December 28, 2018

Available on Audible and iTunes

Babelcube publishes the Spanish Edition of The Lazarus Succession
La Sucesion Lazaro
November 1, 2018

The Patmos Enigma wins its first Book Award
Silver Medal Winner - Christian Thriller
Readers' Favorite 2018 International Book Awards

The Lazarus Continuum ranked #1 in Religious Fantasy
Amazon UK
August 10, 2018

Release of The Lazarus Continuum
Book 2 of The Resurrection Chronicles
August 4, 2018

The Lazarus Continuum is released for Preorder
Immediately joins the Hot New Release lists on Amazon UK
Out on August 4, 2018

Release of The Patmos Enigma Audiobook
May 11, 2018
Narrated by Alex Hyde-Whyte of Punch Audio

Release of The Brodsky Affair Audiobook
March 7, 2018
Narrated by Stephen Holloway

The Lazarus Succession wins its 4th award.
2017 New Apple Annual Book Awards

Release of The Chronicles of Aveline: Awakening
February 14, 2018

The Lazarus Succession was voted #1 in the 50 Best Indie Books of The Year.
December 11, 2017

Punch Audio to produce The Patmos Enigma Audiobook (1st quarter 2018 Release).
November 6, 2017

Release of Disjointed Tales: Short Stories of the Weird and the Maccabre
October 31, 2017

The Lazarus Succession and The Patmos Enigma are BOTH #1 Bestsellers on Amazon UK in several genres --- Christian Fantasy, Religious Mystery, Religious Fiction and Biblical Fiction. 
October 18, 2017

The Patmos Enigma earned its Bestseller Badge for the first time. 
October 11, 2017
Christian Fantasy ~ Amazon UK

The Lazarus Succession won the 2017 IAN Books of The Year Award 
in Christian/Religious Fiction. 
October 15, 2017

The Patmos Enigma ranked #1 in Religious Mystery,
nudging its big brother, The Lazarus Succession
September 24, 2017

Release of The Patmos Enigma: Quest of The Wandering Jew
September 19, 2017

As early as August, on preorder, it was tagged as #1 New Release 
in Biblical Fiction and Religious Mystery.

September 5

August 20 

The Lazarus Succession was named an Official Selection in Historical Fiction 
August 19, 2017

The Lazarus Succession earned its Bestseller Badge for the first time.
#1 in Religious Mystery, Religious Fantasy and Biblical Fiction
July 18, 2017 ~ Amazon UK

Release of The Lazarus Succession Audiobook. 
Narrated by Jack Wynters.
July 3, 2017

The Lazarus Succession ranked #1 in Christian Fantasy
June 29, 2017

Release of Red Ground: The Forgotten Conflict
March 18, 2017


Released the 2nd Edition of The Lazarus Succession
Dec 26, 2016
Launched at the Top 10 - Religious Mystery, Amazon UK

Terminated the publishing contract with Matador/Troubador Publishing

November 24, 2016

Release of Check Mate (Short Story)
October 29, 2017

Release of Is That You, Jim? As a perma-free on Amazon
September 11, 2016

Release of Suicide Seeds: A GMO Thriller

August 27, 2016

Release of The Brodsky Affair
April 7, 2016

Hired Eeva Lancaster as Book Manager

April 2016