About Ken Fry

When the sun shines I feel good, like heady wine. When it doesn’t, I’m what is known as a SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder) victim. 

Writing, I started far too late in life. It’s been a tough journey with little financial reward but one that’s preserved my sanity and given me immense satisfaction. I’ve learnt much and have even more to learn. There are plenty of ideas and I have a file of unfinished books. Whatever I plan invariably changes without me asking it to do so. This happens time and time again. I’m not the most orderly of scribblers and am guilty of writing notes and ideas on the backs of envelopes and scrap paper. I invariably lose these.

Many of my ideas wake me at night in bed, and I have, since long ago, resorted to keeping pen and notebook close to my pillow to record my Nobel Prize winning thoughts. I love the research aspect involved in writing, the things I can learn are amazing, and I often prefer it to the actual writing! Any excuse eh?

On a personal note, I love animals very much. They don’t do my head in! I spent a lot of time wandering around the world but still have places to visit. I spent time in a Zen Buddhist monastery and that experience shaped my life and stays with me to this very day. 

I got involved in publishing and owned a publishing company, which I eventually sold. 

Science and the Universe have forever fascinated me. What man has achieved in this field are amongst the greatest of our achievements.

I also have a degree and a Masters in English Literature. But whatever I’ve got, including those of Creative Writing, don’t hold too much water in this crazy creative arena I've chosen to embark on.

But, this writer must try.

I hope you enjoy my books. Drop me a note when you've read them.

I love you all…