The Writing of THE LAZARUS SUCCESSION, an Epic Historical Thriller

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There were many aspects that came into focus when I first thought about writing ‘Lazarus.’

Who can deny that it is one of the best-known episodes from the Bible? It has everything a writer could wish for... Life, death, mystery, suspense and drama. 

Good enough reasons to consider writing a story, you might think. You would be correct. However, I had other reasons for writing it.

We live in the twenty-first century and our mindsets are different to those in Galilee two thousand years ago. There are those who believe it happened and those who don’t. The fact I chose to write a story that employs both good and evil aspects of human behaviour, wrapped in a degree of supernatural occurrences that surrounded the raising of Lazarus, might give you a clue as to what I was thinking. In one way, I was saying it could be true but good needs evil for it to have any definition, to have any meaning. In our lives, meaning is necessary, for many. 

Throgmorton, the villain in Lazarus, employs meaning to justify his behaviour and murderous plans. That gives his life a raison d’ĂȘtre. For him, it is good. The other characters... not so. The Hero and heroine, like most people I’ve met, possess a quality of the anti hero or heroine in them. None are perfect, but in this story, it can be seen that God or Christ don’t expect saintly behaviour; for like King David they can give their lives meaning even by performing the most ghastly acts.

Interest in writing a story like this arose from a considerable experience I underwent a few years back that brought me to tears and also made me laugh out loud in its utter simplicity. 

Lazarus is not a religious story, it was never meant to be, although it employs the trappings that are often associated with organised religions. At most, it asks us to consider and be prepared to accept truth... whether we like what it says or not.

I invite you all to read this epic historical thriller on Amazon. It's filled with mystery, murder, and hope... and how hope for redemption can be a powerful motivation. There's romance too. Love is the underlying motive of many of the characters.

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