NEWS! British Author Ken Fry Dominates the Religious Mystery and Christian Fantasy Categories on Amazon UK

The Patmos Enigma and The Lazarus Succession are #1 in the Religious Mystery, Religious Fantasy, Christian Fantasy and Biblical Fiction categories on Amazon UK.

Online PR News – 09-October-2017 – Surrey, UK – Author Ken Fry started publishing late in life, and the success of his two novels, The Patmos Enigma and The Lazarus Succession, is quite unexpected, and a source of great pride for this writer who is often compared to Dan Brown and James Patterson.

With 8 books independently published, Fry still finds long-forgotten manuscripts in his cupboard. Complete novels waiting to be read.

In an interview with the author, we asked how he got into writing:

"From the age of about twelve I was aware that I enjoyed the process of writing and was advised to get into newspapers. I didn’t. Events overtook me and I became consumed by the world of commerce. My first ever job was in a bank! I find that hard to believe. I had a reasonable education but was always more interested in English and the world of classical writing. Indeed all my pet animals have been named after great writers."

Fry started writing suspense thrillers that hovers around greed, ambition, and murder. All of which, he said, impregnates our global village. Of late, as exemplified by The Lazarus Succession and The Patmos Enigma, a touch of quasi-religious mystery or supernatural has crept into his work. Considering the success of his religious mysteries, the author might have just found his niche.

According to a review for The Lazarus Succession from Reader's Favorite, one of the largest book review and award contest sites on the Internet:

"Although similar in many ways to the books by Dan Brown, I enjoyed it more. It was both sophisticated yet down to earth, despite Brodie’s visions. At no point does the author over dramatize the story, but with his excellent grasp of the written word he leads us to accept the surreal as perfectly normal and possible. The writing is excellent, the book is a treasure in itself and I would love to award this six stars."

What's next for Ken Fry? Veering away from religious mysteries temporarily, Fry is slated to release Disjointed Tales on Halloween, and Shakyamuni's Pearl next --- A suspense thriller set in Feudal Japan.

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