The Lazarus Continuum - Sequel to the UK Bestselling Religious Mystery The Lazarus Succession

If you've read my book, The Lazarus Succession, this is a continuation of the story --- as evinced in the title "Continuum." It can be read as a stand-alone but to appreciate the story better, I recommend reading Book 1 first.

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The Reason Behind the Sequel

The way The Lazarus Succession ended, which was intentional on my part, there was an opportunity to continue the story several years after Ladro accepted his legacy. Besides, I received emails asking me for a sequel, and my agent and book manager, Eeva.Lancaster, would not stop the nagging if I didn't.

What’s The Lazarus Continuum about?

There are 2 storylines.

The first is that after seventeen years in the monastery, Ladro's visions escalate and he senses a new artist being summoned to replace him. Who will it be?

The second revolves around a search for the miraculous Lazarus painting by a phony religious pastor and a Las Vegas casino owner, eager to make a fortune from it.

Entwined into this are the characters of Ulla Stuart and her daughter Martha. Martha is determined to track down her father, when she too started having visions. The Condesa Maria, an integral character in The Lazarus Succession makes a reappearance, along with a couple of new personalities.

Events are not simple as strange experiences bring all parties together in a dramatic finale.

The White Horse of Uffington has a major role in this story.

The Dilemma and Moral Lesson

Dilemmas stalk the major characters in this story and hang on questions of choice, loyalty and emotional ties. The moral lesson is that the participants are human and are not able to escape performing harmful acts to reach their heartfelt goals. Sanctity is reserved for higher beings.

The Relevance of The White Horse of Uffington

The Uffington White Horse is a prehistoric figure of a horse. It is located on a hillside in Oxfordshire, a few km from the towns of Wantage and Farringdon. The figure is estimated to date from between 1,000 BC and 100 AD. Digging trenches into the hillside and then filling them in with white chalk helped create it. In the story, it is a favourite work of art of Ladro’s and of his then partner, Ulla. She has moved to a house near to it, to remind herself of him, those years back. She has a deep emotional connection to it. It is used in my story as an artistic and mystical symbol that becomes the vehicle utilising dreams, visions and art to implant its form and image into the various characters, in an attempt to unite them all and make way for a new painting and painter of the Raising of Lazarus.

How do I feel about the success of The Lazarus Succession?

I feel very good indeed. Who wouldn’t? I’ve been very surprised by it all. I hope I’m not stupid, but without the help of my amazing agent and book manager, Eeva, it would not have reached the rankings it has achieved. Almost one year now as #1 in Religious Mysteries on Amazon U.K. It has not been an easy task to keep it there. I'm grateful to my readers for this small success. My only wish is that it achieves the same status in the U.S.

Expectations for The Lazarus Continuum

It is said that sequels are never as good as the original. But in its way, Continuum brings the story full circle. I am hoping that readers of Book 1 will find as much enjoyment in this book.

The preorder is a Hot New Release in Biblical Fiction, Christian Suspense and Christian Historical. I have high hopes that this installment will be well received by my readers.

Will there be a Book 3?

I’d like to think so. Time is short, however, and I have at least three other novels in various stages of writing.


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