The Release of Love and Blood: The Chronicles of Aveline - Book 2

The long wait is over! For those of you who've read Awakening, The Chronicles of Aveline Book 1, the sequel will be released tomorrow, November 17!

Book 1 ended on a threshold as Lady Aveline and her squire, Athlestan's ship approaches the shores of the Holy Land.

Aveline's story continues in Book 2, as she searches for her lost love, Sir Quentin de Ballon and her brother, Giles. She joins King Richard the Lionheart's army, in the guise of a man. 


Aveline is no ordinary noblewoman
And hers is no ordinary story...

LOVE AND BLOOD is the much awaited sequel to The Chronicles of Aveline: Awakening, a historical thriller/romance for readers who enjoy medieval/crusade stories. 


In the time of Saladin and Richard the Lionheart
During the Third Crusade...

After escaping from a life sentence at a convent, Lady Aveline of Froulingham fulfills her ambition of linking up with King Richard’s forces in the Holy Land. Her quest is to find her former lover, Sir Quentin de Ballon, sentenced by the Church to fight in the crusade for thirteen years as punishment for their illicit love affair.

Aveline finds herself in the midst of the war between Richard the Lionheart's and Saladin's armies, as they battle for control of Jerusalem. She quickly earns the monicker, The Green Devil --- feared by Saladin's army for her formidable skills with sword and bow.

But... they do not know she's a woman.

As her search for Quentin continues, her love wavers when she finds herself increasingly attracted to a protective French knight, Sir Guy de Toulouse. Together with her squire Athlestan, he has been her companion throughout her long sea voyage to the Holy Land.

Can her love for Quentin withstand the cruelties of war?
How can she continue hiding her true identity from the king when she is asked to join the King's Guard?

Find out in LOVE and BLOOD, The Chronicles of Aveline Book 2.
A saga of love, history, adventure, and suspense.


  1. I have read both books of The Chronicles of Aveline. Great stories , very well written. Hope there will be a third.

    1. The 3rd book The Final Sacrifice is out. Thank you for reading.