The Writing of Drunks: An Alcoholic Romance

 My latest novel, Drunks, has just been released after decades of hiding in my cupboard.

How did this story come about? That’s an interesting question of which there is no easy answer. It was originally written a long time ago when I worked in the publishing industry of a prestigious magazine company. At that time, if you didn’t drink, you didn’t fit in. 

I saw a lot of it and frequently joined in. I saw people getting fired because of their behaviour after having too many. One man I knew would lock himself in the toilets, have a few from a flask and then fall asleep. Such behaviour was not that unusual and plenty of them were given the chop. 

I held an important position and controlled several titles. I was no innocent where alcohol was concerned and indeed ended up in AA... and for twelve years never took a drop.

I’ve always been keen on writing and it did occur to me, that perhaps, what I saw would make the basis for a good story. It did. The fight my two main characters had in their kitchen, actually occurred. Most of the narrative has a ring of truth around it, but of course names are all changed.

I resurrected my manuscript from the depths of my writing cupboard recently feeling that I could face the trauma I had writing it. In doing so, I rewrote a lot of it and deleted a lot of what I thought was unnecessary  material. 

Most of what happened in this story, is true.

While I diverged from my usual genre, I felt that it is a story worth telling the world about. Who knows? It might help someone with the same problem with alcohol. It's a devious enemy.


"His handling of the complex relationships involved, the prime one being with alcohol, is masterly and he creates real tension throughout. A difficult subject skillfully handled."

"This is a truly unique and interesting book. It covers all sides of a battle with the demon drink, one minute distressing and the next inspiring. This is the third book of Mr Fry's that I have read and again it did not disappoint. A truly excellent read."

"Brilliantly written! I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with the use of alcohol, and all who love someone who is under its clutches. The story offers great insights into the power that alcohol has over its victims and the far reaching affects on those who are associated with them."


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