The Release of The Keeper's Cup Draws Gnosticism Readers

The Keeper's Cup is now available on Amazon. Released on July 15, 2020 and already a #1 Bestseller in Gnosticism.

I suspect that The Keeper's Cup will upset some people of various religious denominations. This was never my intent, but I don't doubt there will be reaction. I can't help that nor make apology. At all times, I have attempted to show loving kindness and respect.

Pre-Constantine Christianity had much to say before, but with a large swipe of his brush, much of the early writings of the Essenes and others, were doomed to the bin by the Emperor, (who only became a Christian on his deathbed). Including the writings of both disciples, Thomas and Philip.

Since there was no mention of miracles or Christ's crucifixion, their words were deemed not worthy.

Through history, The Magdalene has been portrayed as a prostitute. The amounting evidence that she was a woman of huge spiritual dimension contradicted the patriarchal dimensions of men as superior. Hence the appellation. That has now been refuted.

The canonical Gospels themselves fail to agree on certain points. So... what can be trusted?

The entire issue has fascinated me for many years. I would love to know if it was true or not, but the evidence always appeared shaky to me.

Because of that, my story attempts to place a new perspective on events. I'm aware that at times that can be clumsy, but it was written with hope and joy.

How did Christianity appear in England long before the early saints arrived?
That, I think, is an intriguing question. Don't you agree?

That factor alone made my story worth writing about. Highly speculative, it is. Though, no more so than people walking on water or changing water into wine.

At the end of the day it is a story... nothing else. I don't ask you to believe it. It's not about that. It's about a deep love of humanity and the cruelties that entwine that concept.

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