The Writing of The Blood Red Robe and a Cover Reveal

Writing The Blood Red Robe felt like a natural progression. It was almost instinctual, having written stories about the enigmatic Mary Magdalene before. I've always been drawn to the allure of her stories, and this time, merging her essence into a medieval backdrop seemed like the perfect fit.

The story unfolds against the ancient streets of Jerusalem, with the Knights Templar at its core. Mary Magdalene's ethereal voice enters the minds of these characters, setting them on a quest to find her lost robe. Interestingly, they're also compelled to seek out a mysterious woman in a distant land.

My previous trilogy concerning Lady Aveline of Froulingham had left her future undecided. The Blood Red Robe determines her path. Overwhelmed by tragic events, she's become a recluse, on the brink of self-destruction. However, the whispers of Mary Magdalene within her mind ignite a spark of hope as she eagerly anticipates the arrival of two strangers, unaware of the transformation they'll bring.

What would happen when they eventually meet?

Yet, amidst this anticipation, dangers lurk in the shadows, with adversaries and obstacles threatening to sabotage their journey at every turn.

Research into this story mainly involved locations and Celtic Old English place names, which are different today. To bring this medieval story to life, extensive research into historical settings and terminology was crucial. I have tried to faithfully maintain authenticity, from the way they spoke, what they ate and drank, and in capturing the essence of that era.

The Blood Red Robe is a historical thriller/suspense much like my Aveline stories, with a touch of mysticism. Readers of The Chronicles of Aveline would be pleased to know what happened to her after the war for Froulingham Manor.

Now, presenting the book cover of The Blood Red Robe. 
Designed by Eeva Lancaster, The Book Khaleesi. 

To be released on February 14, 2024. 

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