Punch Audio to Produce the Audiobook of The Patmos Enigma: Quest of The Wandering Jew - A UK #1 Christian Fantasy Bestseller

Great news, indeed! Punch Audio --- an audiobook production company, with an extensive roster of Hollywood actors narrating for them --- will be producing the audiobook edition of The Patmos Enigma! If you visit their website, you'll understand the reason we're so excited.


The Lazarus Succession audiobook is doing well and I'm positive this project will be more successful. It's scheduled to be released in the first-quarter of 2018. 

How did this come about?

My book manager, Eeva Lancaster, through ACX, Amazon's audiobook arm, pitched the book to numerous narrators/producers, after some research into who we can best work with. You will see a list of narrators and their asking rates when you browse ACX. We chose Punch Audio after listening to their audiobook samples on their website.

How do narrators/producers determine if they will accept a pitch?

If you have the budget to pay a narrator's cost per finished hour (PFH) rate, it wouldn't be a problem, and acceptance will only depend on their availability. However, if you don't, and you're angling for a Royalty Share, where the narrator/producer will take on the cost of narrating and producing ---- then it's important that the book is doing exceptionally well on Amazon. For them, it will be an investment, and they will only spend time if it will be a profitable venture. 

The book's "sellability" is important if you want to get outfits and people to invest in your book.

Another factor that will convince narrators and producers to underwrite the audiobook is your marketing. How effective will you be at selling the book? So, I think your social media following will be taken into consideration. Under Royalty Share, you and the producer will receive 50/50 share of the royalties. If you can't market the audiobook, then they too will not earn from it. Which will make it a bad investment. They are not required to market the audiobook they produce. 

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