The Writing of The Chronicles of Aveline: Awakening

I am reposting my interview with Eeva Lancaster.
The Chronicles of Aveline is now available for pre-order.
This book is different, in that it has more romance in it, and has a female protagonist.

How did you come up with the story of Aveline?

I’d been reading James Reston Jr’s factual documentation ‘Warriors of God’ and that got me into delving more into the Third Crusade. Then I came across a true account of a woman who was feared by Saladin’s men due to her skill with a bow. I thought, ‘here could be a story.’

How difficult was it to write?

It was difficult and there is also a half finished second chronicle to complete. The complexities of the Third Crusade, the logistics, and the continuing rivalry between King Richard and Philip II of France, made the developing story in need of constant checking.  Add to this the death of Frederick I, King of Germany, before he got to the Holy Land---all this made research quite tricky at times.

Why did you diverge from your usual thriller with psychos and murderers? This novel has more romance in it than your other books.

That’s a good question. I think the  more female approach to the storyline gave me an opportunity to be more literary in sections of the narrative. Also, I wanted to know if I had it in me to see events from a female point of view. I enjoyed doing that, and I just had to let go of maleness in places. There are still psychos in this novel.

What should readers expect when they read The Chronicles of Aveline?

I tried to get away from over romanticized depictions of this subject and period. It was a dirty filthy episode in time, where hygiene and cleanliness were almost non-existent. I tried to portray locations, everyday life and social behaviour in a realistic way.  Where appropriate, I have used the terms and expressions that were common to the age.

The Chronicles of Aveline by Ken Fry

Can we expect more historical fiction/romance from you? Do you have plans to publish more of them?

It is possible, but I have no project in mind. It depends a lot on reader's reaction to the novel. My next release will either be the sequel to The Lazarus Succession or Shakyamuni's Pearl.

Did you find this genre more enjoyable to write?

In ways it was refreshing to depart from my trademark thriller and mystery approach. I enjoyed trying to view events from a female perspective and away from the male dominated viewpoint. Aveline’s internment in the convent put me to the test and I had to watch each line I wrote.

That's all the news I have for now. Do read it and let me know what you think.


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