An Excerpt from RED GROUND: The Forgotten Conflict

RED GROUND: The Forgotten Conflict
Massacres in Sierra Leone
A Military Thriller based on True Events

Sierra Leone
February 1995

I was too slow… unprepared. I had heard nothing through the crashing of a tropical rainstorm.
For that error, there would be a price to pay. 
I would become a man haunted by my mistakes. I should have died … I didn’t.
We had been surrounded. Neither my men nor I had heard them approach. The hut door flew open with a savage bang followed by a stream of shells from AK-47s slicing and cutting through the flimsy mud walls. The small space filled with the raw smell of cordite and an overwhelming noise of gunfire, and African voices shouting, screaming and yelling. 
This was it. It was all over for us. 
But I was wrong. 
It had only just begun. 
From the first day we arrived, I had been the over eager white man with the superior technology, regarding the Sierra Leone conflict as a Marx Brothers comedy. How fucking wrong I was!

Massacres in Sierra Leone on RED GROUND: The Forgotten Conflict

RED GROUND is different than my other thrillers. While it cannot be called a true account of actual events, there's a thin line between the truth and fiction. This book is raw and bloody and relates the often forgotten plight of the people of Sierra Leone.

** Update: My suspense thriller is now available on Amazon.

Here it is... RED GROUND: The Forgotten Conflict
Genre: Suspense Thriller
Book Cover Designed by Eeva Lancaster, The Book Khaleesi
Edited by Eeva Lancaster

The Writing of THE LAZARUS SUCCESSION, an Epic Historical Thriller

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There were many aspects that came into focus when I first thought about writing ‘Lazarus.’

Who can deny that it is one of the best-known episodes from the Bible? It has everything a writer could wish for... Life, death, mystery, suspense and drama. 

Good enough reasons to consider writing a story, you might think. You would be correct. However, I had other reasons for writing it.

We live in the twenty-first century and our mindsets are different to those in Galilee two thousand years ago. There are those who believe it happened and those who don’t. The fact I chose to write a story that employs both good and evil aspects of human behaviour, wrapped in a degree of supernatural occurrences that surrounded the raising of Lazarus, might give you a clue as to what I was thinking. In one way, I was saying it could be true but good needs evil for it to have any definition, to have any meaning. In our lives, meaning is necessary, for many. 



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Bethany, Nr. Jerusalem
The Tomb of Lazarus

The crowd pressed in tight behind me, so much so that I could not turn around. The pressure of the people pushing and jostling, trying to see, caused consternation and anger amongst those caught hard in the middle of the pack. I was fortunate to be in the front rank.

They had come to see the man called Jesus. It was said he was a magician, a holy man, a prophet. I’ve heard stories, but whatever he was, it was known that he had performed astounding acts; like curing lepers and causing the blind to see.

His followers had linked arms and formed a ring, preventing the crowd from overwhelming him.

Rumour had it that a friend of his, named Lazarus, had died four days ago, and was now entombed behind the large stone in front of the cave. His friends and relatives were sobbing and talking to Jesus; some looked sad, others sounded angry. The man, this Jesus, asked for the stone to be rolled away. It was, and he walked to the entrance. 

Why I Chose to Self Publish The Lazarus Succession & a Cover Reveal

*** Update as of Jan.31, 2017:

The Lazarus Succession reached #1 Bestseller status in Religious Mystery on Amazon UK, staying in the Top 10 Religious Historical Thriller for one week. It was listed in the Top 100 British Historical Thrillers in the US, and has finally reached the Australian market - Top 100 Religious Historical Fiction.

Recently, Tate Publishing closed it's doors. The news is on the Internet. They were not my publishers, but.... I rest my case.

There are many of you out there, a while back, who may have read my book, a semi-supernatural thriller. It spans time, from the original event of Lazarus being raised from the dead. A witness paints the miracle. His work echoes with mysteries, spanning the centuries up until the present time. It is a thriller deeply entrenched in ancient legends, and has been compared to novels of Dan Brown. I could say it is my best work to date.

As such, I failed to understand why it languished in a lowly spot on Amazon’s rankings. I examined it in detail.

Vanity Publishers: Not the best deal

The main reason for its sad performance was that I chose a Vanity publisher, who had masses of titles on its lists, and a staff to carry out all the requirements of publishing. I was attracted to the hype attached to its name, supposedly one of the biggest in the UK.

Vanity Publishers or Self Publish? My Writing Journey

When I first contemplated the idea of attempting to write a book the first thing I did was ask myself … why?

The answer to that was that I had always enjoyed books. I collect modern 1st signed editions, and vainly imagined myself benignly autographing my own to an adoring audience. I was in for a rude shock.

My first move was to buy a range of ‘How to Write’ books written by authors most of whom hadn’t ever written a novel. I have a stack of them, and they are good for standing on to reach the top shelf of my library…

I next purchased a copy of ‘The Writers and Artists Yearbook.’ This much-flaunted tome has pages and pages devoted to Literary Agents, Publishers and advice on how to approach agents, what and what not to do or say.

The Writing of The Brodsky Affair

When I worked in the publishing sector I became very much involved in the world of fine art and antiques. It was a delightful way in which to earn a living. Much of my time would be spent in art galleries and exhibitions in the UK, Italy, France and the USA. Subsequently I accumulated a good understanding of what made the market tick not just nationally but internationally.

I formed my own company, which revolved around the same business but restricted to a much smaller target audience. I eventually sold this out and began to think about academic studies to bolster my understanding of the cultural world. In the midst of this, the art market was falling prey to trends and a huge amount of fakes and dubious provenances, particularly in the Russian sector.

I made a small joint investment with a colleague of mine, in a Russian painting located in a provincial auction house. We hit the jackpot. It sold at a Sotheby’s Russian art auction for a world record price. That began the germs of a writing idea based on the life of the artist concerned.