An Excerpt from Drunks - A Story of an Alcoholic Couple



They are not long, the days of wine and roses:
Out of a misty dream
Our path emerges for a while, then closes
Within a dream.

(Ernest Dowson)

The Writing of Drunks: An Alcoholic Romance

 My latest novel, Drunks, has just been released after decades of hiding in my cupboard.

The Chronicles of Aveline Ends in The Final Sacrifice

And her trials are finally over...
In the end, Lady Aveline must do what she must... even if her choices break her heart.

The Chronicles of Aveline, The Final Sacrifice completes The Lady Crusader Trilogy. The epic tale of a young woman’s incredible courage and loyalty even in the most desperate circumstances. A captivating story of family, love, heartbreaking trials, deception, and one woman's determination to reclaim everything that was taken from her.

The Release of The Keeper's Cup Draws Gnosticism Readers

The Keeper's Cup is now available on Amazon. Released on July 15, 2020 and already a #1 Bestseller in Gnosticism.

I suspect that The Keeper's Cup will upset some people of various religious denominations. This was never my intent, but I don't doubt there will be reaction. I can't help that nor make apology. At all times, I have attempted to show loving kindness and respect.

Pre-order of The Keeper's Cup and a Cover Reveal

The story of Mary Magdalene has always fascinated me, and I indulged in that fascination in my new book, THE KEEPER'S CUP.

Intrigue in the Vatican and hidden historical mysteries.
Stories not included in the New Testament.
Pieces of our history that were passed on through the ages, but never accepted by those who decide what the truth is.

This novel is not meant to offend anyone's faith, but to explore other possible stories not included in mainstream biblical history. Stories that were only spoken of in whispers in the past, but are now discussed more openly.

It is my hope that you read The Keeper's Cup with an open mind.

Now, let me present...
the Cover of The Keeper's Cup

The Release of Love and Blood: The Chronicles of Aveline - Book 2

The long wait is over! For those of you who've read Awakening, The Chronicles of Aveline Book 1, the sequel will be released tomorrow, November 17!

Book 1 ended on a threshold as Lady Aveline and her squire, Athlestan's ship approaches the shores of the Holy Land.

Aveline's story continues in Book 2, as she searches for her lost love, Sir Quentin de Ballon and her brother, Giles. She joins King Richard the Lionheart's army, in the guise of a man. 

Cover Reveal of Shakyamuni's Pearl and a Giveaway

Books by Ken Fry and The Book Khaleesi
proudly present...

A Thriller

Danger Above...
Danger Below...
A Hunt and Chase Thriller Over Land and Sea

The Patmos Enigma Wins a Silver Medal in the 2018 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards

Readers' Favorite recognizes "The Patmos Enigma" by Ken Fry in its annual international book award contest.

The Patmos Enigma has been a #1 bestseller in Christian Fantasy and Biblical Fiction on Amazon UK since October of 2017.

Readers' Favorite 5-star Review for The Patmos Enigma

An author cannot have enough 5-star reviews. It feeds us. Motivates us. Validates our work.
Here's one I love from Readers' Favorite.

Podcast Interview With Emit Blackwell

Like most authors I have had little or no experience of being interviewed. So it was not without a degree of trepidation that I awaited the appointed time. I wasn’t too certain what to expect but had a bit of an idea what sort of questions might be asked of me.

The introduction was great, bearing in mind the book to be spoken of mainly was my bestseller, The Lazarus Succession. The Gregorian Chant in the background fitted the atmosphere of the book totally. That set the tone of the interview.

Emit is a fabulously natural interviewer. Is there anybody who couldn’t get on with him? He put me totally at ease and we had some great humour on the way through.

Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Come join Emit and I when you have the chance.

Subscribe to his podcast. There's a lot to be learned from his author guests.

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