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An Excerpt from The Patmos Enigma: Quest of The Wandering Jew

The Patmos Enigma
Quest of the Wandering Jew
Religious Mystery Thriller / Christian Fiction

Judea, A.D.100

DEATH DESCENDED UPON him fast. Its blood lust grasped out to seize his lifeforce.

His heart hammered in his chest as he forced his exhausted body across an unforgiving terrain. He prayed for the courage to accept the kiss of his nemesis, and that its embrace would be short, sharp, and quick.

They were right behind him, gaining fast. He could hear their steel swords clashing. 

Pushing himself forward, he gasped in pain. But … he must keep running. To stop would surely seal his fate. One swift blow and his head would be a gift to the sand beneath his feet. His sandals slipped and turned with every agonising stride across rocks and spiky shrubs. There was nowhere to go but upwards, and there could be no return. 

His obedience to his mentors, the Guardians, had transformed him from law-abiding husband and father, into a man condemned. But he must obey his vows … must fulfill his purpose.

Behind, an elite troop of armed Roman legionnaires were in pursuit. One mounted soldier astride a white Arab stallion urged his panting steed to a faster gallop, and began closing in on him like a cheetah pursuing a deer. From the way he pointed his javelin at Koury’s sweat-stained back, his intent was clear. “Ya! Ya!”  The soldier spurred his excited mount onwards. 

Mystery Thriller Audiobook Released: The Lazarus Succession

After several months of collaboration, editing, and recording, ACX finally released the audiobook version of my bestselling religious mystery thriller, The Lazarus Succession. This wouldn't have turned into reality, were it not for the determination and professionalism of producer, professional actor and narrator, Jack Wynters. Fate would have us meet at ACX and I found his voice perfect for Lazarus.

If you are looking for a narrator with a British accent, look no further. Visit Jack on his website Wyntersea Productions or on ACX.

I couldn't have asked for a better narrator for my highest ranking book. His interpretation was simply superb it made me cry to listen to my word 

The Writing of THE PATMOS ENIGMA: Quest of The Wandering Jew

This has been a labour of love and mixed intelligence. Fascination with the ‘End of Timers’ brigades and their total inaccuracies prompted me to construct a tale, which they might like apart from the ending.

An Excerpt from RED GROUND: The Forgotten Conflict

RED GROUND: The Forgotten Conflict
Massacres in Sierra Leone
A Military Thriller based on True Events

Sierra Leone
February 1995

I was too slow… unprepared. I had heard nothing through the crashing of a tropical rainstorm.
For that error, there would be a price to pay. 
I would become a man haunted by my mistakes. I should have died … I didn’t.
We had been surrounded. Neither my men nor I had heard them approach. The hut door flew open with a savage bang followed by a stream of shells from AK-47s slicing and cutting through the flimsy mud walls. The small space filled with the raw smell of cordite and an overwhelming noise of gunfire, and African voices shouting, screaming and yelling. 
This was it. It was all over for us. 
But I was wrong. 
It had only just begun. 
From the first day we arrived, I had been the over eager white man with the superior technology, regarding the Sierra Leone conflict as a Marx Brothers comedy. How fucking wrong I was!

Massacres in Sierra Leone on RED GROUND: The Forgotten Conflict

RED GROUND is different than my other thrillers. While it cannot be called a true account of actual events, there's a thin line between the truth and fiction. This book is raw and bloody and relates the often forgotten plight of the people of Sierra Leone.

** Update: My suspense thriller is now available on Amazon.

Here it is... RED GROUND: The Forgotten Conflict
Genre: Suspense Thriller
Book Cover Designed by Eeva Lancaster, The Book Khaleesi
Edited by Eeva Lancaster