The Patmos Enigma Wins a Silver Medal in the 2018 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards

Readers' Favorite recognizes "The Patmos Enigma" by Ken Fry in its annual international book award contest.

The Patmos Enigma has been a #1 bestseller in Christian Fantasy and Biblical Fiction on Amazon UK since October of 2017.

Readers' Favorite 5-star Review for The Patmos Enigma

An author cannot have enough 5-star reviews. It feeds us. Motivates us. Validates our work.
Here's one I love from Readers' Favorite.

Podcast Interview With Emit Blackwell

Like most authors I have had little or no experience of being interviewed. So it was not without a degree of trepidation that I awaited the appointed time. I wasn’t too certain what to expect but had a bit of an idea what sort of questions might be asked of me.

The introduction was great, bearing in mind the book to be spoken of mainly was my bestseller, The Lazarus Succession. The Gregorian Chant in the background fitted the atmosphere of the book totally. That set the tone of the interview.

Emit is a fabulously natural interviewer. Is there anybody who couldn’t get on with him? He put me totally at ease and we had some great humour on the way through.

Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Come join Emit and I when you have the chance.

Subscribe to his podcast. There's a lot to be learned from his author guests.

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The Lazarus Continuum - Sequel to the UK Bestselling Religious Mystery The Lazarus Succession

If you've read my book, The Lazarus Succession, this is a continuation of the story --- as evinced in the title "Continuum." It can be read as a stand-alone but to appreciate the story better, I recommend reading Book 1 first.

The Book Khaleesi and Books by Ken Fry present, 

The Lazarus Continuum Pre-Release Giveaway!

The Lazarus Succession has been an Amazon UK Bestseller since July of 2017, and I owe this all to my readers who validated my work by reading it, some leaving reviews that I still find unbelievable.

As a thank you, and to introduce new readers to my new book, The Lazarus Continuum, I will be holding a giveaway contest until August 1. Come join and get a chance to win all my audiobooks or a $25 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal equivalent. Scroll down to join.

And the Mystery Continues...

The Lazarus Continuum can be read as a stand alone, since it's merely a continuation. 
But to appreciate the whole story, it's advisable to read The Lazarus Succession.

An age-old secret must be kept safe... 
Until the next successor is chosen.

The Writing of The Chronicles of Aveline: Awakening

I am reposting my interview with Eeva Lancaster.
The Chronicles of Aveline is now available for pre-order.
This book is different, in that it has more romance in it, and has a female protagonist.

Punch Audio to Produce the Audiobook of The Patmos Enigma: Quest of The Wandering Jew - A UK #1 Christian Fantasy Bestseller

Great news, indeed! Punch Audio --- an audiobook production company, with an extensive roster of Hollywood actors narrating for them --- will be producing the audiobook edition of The Patmos Enigma! If you visit their website, you'll understand the reason we're so excited.

The Lazarus Succession audiobook is doing well and I'm positive this project will be more successful. It's scheduled to be released in the first-quarter of 2018. 

How did this come about?

My book manager, Eeva Lancaster, through ACX, Amazon's audiobook arm, pitched the book to numerous narrators/producers, after some research into who we can best work with. You will see a list of narrators and their asking rates when you browse ACX. We chose Punch Audio after listening to their audiobook samples on their website.

Rafflecopter Giveaway for The Lazarus Succession Audiobook

The Lazarus Succession Audiobook
11 hours and 19 minutes
Narrated by: Jack Wynters

NEWS! British Author Ken Fry Dominates the Religious Mystery and Christian Fantasy Categories on Amazon UK

The Patmos Enigma and The Lazarus Succession are #1 in the Religious Mystery, Religious Fantasy, Christian Fantasy and Biblical Fiction categories on Amazon UK.

Online PR News – 09-October-2017 – Surrey, UK – Author Ken Fry started publishing late in life, and the success of his two novels, The Patmos Enigma and The Lazarus Succession, is quite unexpected, and a source of great pride for this writer who is often compared to Dan Brown and James Patterson.

A Readers' Favorite Review for The Lazarus Succession

I submitted The Lazarus Succession for a free review on Reader's Favorite, and as any author, I waited with some trepidation, in case it was picked by a reviewer with high standards.

Finally, it arrived, and once again, I'm happy that I'm a writer. She wanted to give it 6 stars!

While Lazarus has been a #1 Religious Mystery bestseller on Amazon UK since July of 2017, along with my other book, The Patmos Enigma, knowing what a reader thinks about the book is still a much needed validation.